For the adventurous ones whose curiosity brought them to this page, here you are, a few highlights of my professional life that made me who I am today.

I grew up in the advertising industry where I held positions in account management, sales, head of creative team and business development. I was given the opportunity to lead business development teams, where I was able to ensure that business and creativity joined forces to build and maintain client happiness. I liked it a lot. My first love will always be advertising with its creative messages, surprising visuals and smart communications. But, after I completed my EMBA, my journey took me in different places like setting up offices for Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment in Romania and that’s when I realized I like building from scratch. I was the first person hired, I was handed a folder with the company start-up papers and nothing else. I had to find offices, hire people, find collaborators and negotiate outsourcing contracts. I loved that too! Setting up shop for a business is a very exciting time and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing how everything falls into place and wheels are starting to turn, eventually speed up and you get to see actual results of all your hard work.

I launched my first independent marketing strategy practice in 2004, in Romania and worked for 12 years promoting mainly marketing geospatial solutions via content marketing, events and community outreach strategies. During that time I also did projects for a few B2B client from other industries (pharmaceuticals, health companies, educational programs, SaaS providers). Over the years, I experienced the transition from offline to digital and cross-media, right from within the heart of the industry. I learned while doing and I saw both success and failure up close. Some of my ideas worked like a charm. Others, not so much. From all I learned, because of all I evolved and I am grateful for that.

Life took me by surprise and brought me to the Netherlands, where I currently live for the last 8 years with my boys (my husband, my son and my tomcat). I fell in love with this country and decided to stay for good. I speak Dutch, but not well enough to write articles or copy and this is why my services are in English. To update my education, I recently graduated a Professional Certificate program with Digital Marketing Institute from Ireland.

For a more structured view of my career path, you can check out my Linkedin profile. While you’re there, connect with me if you want. If you want to know me in a less formal environment, check out my Facebook page. I try to keep the cats videos to a bare necessity. Unless there are B2B marketing cats. Then, no guarantees.

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