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As a marketing strategist, I work with companies as well as agencies and networks of independent specialists. My preferred focus is technical B2B companies, but I am also involved in start-ups and governmental challenges from time to time.

My Approach

Despite what most of the internet says, there is no recipe for the perfect marketing. Nor that I offer one. Sure, I help B2B technical companies to consolidate and scale-up in a sustainable way with creative marketing strategies. But I do so with a realistic and healthy approach. I take the time to understand your business, to understand you and to understand your customers.

The best marketing must fit with your resources, your affinities, your goals and the stage of your journey. So I usually start with assessing that. Only after knowing where we stand, will I be proposing a strategy or another and always after the answer is yes at the following questions: Will this marketing strategy convert and build? Will it be making the most out of your ACTUAL time, partners or budget? It is the marketing strategy that you can build upon and elevate over time? Will you be able to do what I propose in a scalable, consistent and sustainable way?

Only after a proper assessment of your business REALITY, I will come up with the strategy that I believe work best for you and what you want to accomplish.

I like to work on projects assignments that bring together the three key elements of my background – sales, marketing and communication, because there is never a one sided solution to a business problem. My aim is always to improve business performance in a way that is grounded in the company realities: its culture, its people, and its resources. I develop an integrated approach for the companies I work by mixing analytical methods with creative skills. If needed, I help business owners gain clarity and focus while helping my clients’ teams at the same time.

I will not limit my help at writing a few strategy documents and hand them over to you. No matter how valuable those are, if not implemented correctly, or on time, chances are they are going to be useless for you. I’ve always been a hands-on partner so if you decide to hire me, even on temporary basis, I’ll be there to lend a hand (or two) with practical work as well. You will get a colleague with experience and an independent view, defending your interests and working with you to get the best out of your existing internal organization and outsourcing teams.

Combine your challenge with my experience and I can be for you:

  • Strategic marketing consultant – Maybe you want to launch your startup or a new branch in style or you are not sure which way to go with your current marketing efforts. If that’s what you need, I can help with defining your goals and objective, devise a marketing strategy for your brand(s), make a budget and a tactical plan. I will make an assessment of all the resources tools that you need to and point you or your people into the right direction so you can take it from there.
  • Marketing partner (part time or full time) – You work with agencies and freelancers for various marketing activities, but you feel they don’t understand what you need well enough and sometimes their activities miss the mark. You also feel you don’t have enough time to take from running or working for your business in order to make things better on this front. You know you need someone to be the inside marketing person who understands your company and coordinate all your marketing activities in a coherent way. Your current plans do not fit a permanent marketing manager though. If that’s the case, I may be a solution for you. I can be your part-time marketing manager and I will also do some of the agencies and freelancer work so you can make the most from our arrangement. This way, you will have in house the resource that ensures continuity and consistency of your marketing activities, while being budget friendly on the same time. I have the flexibility that I want to pursue other projects and everyone’s goals are met.
  • Communication concept development partner – you have a marketing strategy in place, a plan and the execution team, but you’re missing a creative to develop your messages, visuals and general content for your campaigns. I will work with your team, on a project basis or part time if needed, so your marketing efforts have all the ammunition they need to win over your dream audience
  • Executive advisor and marketing coach – maybe you are a DIY owner or you are grooming an internal employee (or more) to perform your marketing activities. You can go (or send them) to school, but you don’t want to take them out from production or wait too long until you see any practical results. One alternative would be to hire me as your marketing coach and I will work with you or your designated employee to teach you on the job, while doing your specific projects to meet your current marketing goals. We’ll agree on a schedule that fits best your work and you will be learning by doing without to worry of making mistakes, because I will be there to give you specific tools, tools and knowledge at every step of the way. At the end of our collaboration, you or your people will be able to run independently your marketing activities.
  • Project manager – no matter how experienced your team is, sometimes businesses face temporary challenges when an extra head is needed to get the job done. Maybe it is an annual conference that you organize or a product launch or something else that in itself doesn’t justify hiring a new permanent member or your team. I could be that temporary team member for you and help make it happen without burdening your organization with a permanent contract.
  • Business partner – if you are the entrepreneurial type and you feel that you cannot do it all alone, we can combine our efforts towards achieving the same goal.

The best way to find out what our fit can be is to schedule a call. It’s free of charge and, with an open discussion, we will define the dimensions of your challenge and figure out the possible collaboration solutions to choose from. Please use the contact page to send me a message. I will be happy to find out more about you.

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